Acaia Pearl Scale

  • Minimalistic scale

  • Measures time, weight, and flow-rate

  • Ultra-fast 20ms response time

  • 0.1 gram sensitivity

  • USB rechargeable

  • iOS and Android app for brew recording


Brewing coffee is easy to learn but challenging to master. You need the right coffee, technique, and obviously tools. Acaia is a scale for perfecting you brewing skills. For us it is simply the best scale available for any serious coffee enthusiast. What makes the Acaia stand apart from other scales is the ability to connect to your smart phone or tablet and lets you control and record the entire brewing process. One feature which is likely to put to use during competition training is the flow rate charting. With this functionality you see exactly how at what rate you pour your brew. It doesn't stop here though, measuring the flow rate of you espresso extraction give you valuable insights.

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