Aerobie AeroPress

The box contains:

  • Aeropress Brewer

  • 350 paper filters

  • Filter holder

  • Stirrer

  • Funnel

  • Measurement scoop


The Aeropress is an easy and convenient brewer. Use it at home or when you're out and about to make a fast and delicious coffee. Unlike other brewers the Aeropress allows for the biggest flexibility for brewing a cup of coffee. Choose any grind size, temperature and brew time to match your taste. The kit contains everything you need, except for the grinder: 350 paper filters, stirrer, funnel, brewer and a measurement scoop. The Porlex Mini grinder is a perfect match for a Aeropress travel kit.

BBC Brew Guide

The Swiss Aeropress Champion recipe of our barista Kai Keong Ng:

  • Rinse the filter with hot water and preheat the Aeropress
  • Coarsely grind 18.5gr of delicious coffee
  • Tighten the filter on the Aeropress and place it in regular position on a sturdy pot
  • Add the coffee and pour 50gr water at 88°C for 40 seconds (bloom phase)
  • Slowly top up to total 270gr water
  • Press slowly until you reach the bottom of the 1 mark
  • Total brew time 2:00
  • Decant the coffee a few times to air cool it

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