Always by the same coffee at the supermarket? Maybe it's time you try something new and if you don't have spare time to select new roasters week after week we might just offer the perfect solution for you.

Coffee is a seasonal product, with distinct flavours depending on terroir, varietal, process and of course roasting. If you're keen on experiencing the best single origin in season coffees, from the best roasters across Europe – than you might be the right person for a Bear Brothers & Cow Coffee Subscriptions.

There are many great coffee roasters scattered around Europe, trying to select the best green beans on the planet and roasting them to perfection. And we want you to discover them with us. We - this is the two times in a row Swiss Aeropress Champion, the Swiss Brewers Cup Champion and the #3 in the World Brewers Cup – will pick one of Europes top small batch roaster, select our favourite picks and ship them freshly roasted to any address in Switzerland. Depending on the Size of your Subscription you will receive one, two or three different bags of excellent coffee every month. The subscription includes newcomers, top dogs, rarities and just plain specialties.

What do you say, like to discover some new roasters?

Order must be placed by the 4th of each month


The roasters we nominate as our suppliers are carefully selected. Before we decide adding a roaster to our portfolio we first want to know about them. First step is assessing their coffees in terms of quality and consistency, which are both very crucial factors. Next is getting an understanding their roasting style and buying practices, which we usually combine with a visit to the roastery. The roasters represent the green bean buyers, the exporters and importers and finally also the coffee producers towards us, so we like to select them based on their philosophy. We do like to work with like minded people and therefore we restricted ourselves to a handful of roasters. This gives us the confidence that we deliver the quality for which our name stands.

Our roaster list is currently:

  1. Bonanza Coffee Roasters, Berlin, Germany  
  2. The Barn, Berlin, Germany  
  3. Stoll Kaffee, Zurich, Switzerland

If you feel we're missing somebody, please give us a shout!