Bonavita Gooseneck Temperature Variable Kettle (1.0L)

  • 1 litre kettle with variable temperature setting

  • Temperature setting via 6 presets or individual by degree

  • Count up timer for accurate timing of coffee brewing or tea steeping


Finally, there is a stainless steel electric kettle that is suitable for single cup coffee brewing. Bonavita has developed one of the best kettle the market has to offer at a rather unbelievable price. An internal microprocessor keeps the water within .5 degrees of the set temperature and will hold it there. The gooseneck pour spout offers the control you need for pourover. One of our favorite features is the solid state memory, which means the kettle will recall your presets even when unplugged. For a fast, accurate electric kettle, we feel the Bonavita variable temperature unit offers a great value.

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