Chemex 6 Cups Glass Handle

  • Iconic design, exhibited in the MoMA in New York

  • Glass handle for easy and convenient cleaning

  • Capacity for 1-4 people


Known for its iconic design and the clean, sediment-free coffee it yields, the Chemex 6 Cup Coffee Maker is the perfect mixture of style and chemistry. The six cup model is perfect for brewing for 1-4 people.

BBC Brew Guide

  • Rinse the filter with hot water
  • Grind 28gr of delicious coffee
  • Add coffee and pour 50gr water at 94°C for 30 seconds (bloom phase)
  • Gentle stir three times
  • Pour in three steps the remaining water to reach total 460gr water
  • The last water should drain through the coffee at around 3:30 mins
  • If it takes longer, you need to grind coarser
  • If it takes shorter, you need to grind finer

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