Explorer Brew Kit

The kit contains:

  • Aerobie AeroPress Brewer

  • Handgrinder Porlex Mini

  • Famous and most wanted BBC sports bag

  • The BBC brew guide


Back in 1914 when Ernest Shakelton ventured out on the Endurance-Expedition trying to cross the Antarctica, he wished we would have been around with our Explorer Brew Kit. Because it took Alan Adler until 2005 to invent the AeroPress, Shackleton was left no choice and set out without. The expedition didn't go very well. Poorly equipped, you might say.

This light-weight, endurable and reduced to the maximum coffee making kit contains all necessary pieces for brewing a delicious cup of coffee, nothing more and nothing less. Just pack the rest of your expedition gear into the BBC sports bag and you're good to go.

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