Made by Knock - Feld 2 : Honed

  • UK made

  • Black anodized aluminium

  • 38mm conical nerost, black steel burrs custom hardened for durability and grind quality

  • Standard industrial bearings and seals

  • Fast and effortless grinding

  • Reckless design


Feld2 : Honed handgrinder is a fully realised home grinder bringing together everything that made the feldgrind such a success with home baristas and industry professionals alike.

UK made using a single piece burr housing upper, as seen on our travel focussed aergrind (and our original feldgrind prototype), it has an integrated dial-lid and crank rod with fuller handle for a super direct engagement when grinding, and a fuller improved grip. These make the Feld2 simple to use and extremely easy to control, especially using the dial-lid's clear numbering and its simple, wide-ranging stepless adjustment.

With the Feldgrind's classic 38mm nerost, black steel burrs custom hardened for durability and grind quality, the grind consistency is the best we came across and the grind setting doesn't drift at all due to its very clever design. Speaking of grind settings: the grind can be dialed in continuously from very fine for espresso to very coarse for french press. We at Bear Brothers and Cow are all in love with this piece of craftsmanship and so should you.

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